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A band who I seem to keep missing out.
Today, Dwayne Gretzy shared the video for their lead single of the ABBA cover, “S.O.S.”
Their reimagining of the classic song by ABBA is taken from their self-titled debut album dropping on August 23, 2019.
I think it is abit sacrilegious to cover a band who makes people smile and enjoy their music.
They own spin is not the disco-pop we are thinking but more a catchy indie pop alternative tune.
Check out the video.

Speaking on the single Dwayne Gretzky’s Nick Rose says, “This project is about taking songs we love and recontextualizing them in some way for the sheer fun of it. We’re all big fans of ABBA, and “S.O.S.” is a particular favourite, so it was an interesting experiment to dress it up in different clothes and see it through a new lens. Lyrically the song has so much desperation and urgency, it seemed fitting to put in this sort of dark, piano-driven indie-rock world.

I’d give S.O.S.