Men I Trust – You Deserve This [Music Video]


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Montreal indie dance band Men I Trust dropped their music for their slow jam chill-pop track called You Deserve This.
We recorded You Deserve This last summer. We weren’t supposed to do any music that afternoon, we were really chilled out and in a great mood. We were playing with some rhythms and started having fun with detuned and off-phase synths. We recorded the guitars and the final vocals last month following our initial idea: it’s all about relaxing, wishing good to oneself and others and the nostalgic joy of feeling part of the universe

5 Questions to Will Hunter of Kasador


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Members of Kasador. [Left to right] Nick Babcock (Piano/Synth/Vox), Will Hunter (Vox/Guitar), Boris Baker (Bass), Angus Fay (Drums), Cameron Wyatt (Guitar/Vox)

Kasador will be playing at this year’s Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival free concert series this Saturday.
Opening up for Half Moon Run and Darcys.
I got to ask Will Hunter who is guitarist/vocalist of the band for some questions.

1. You are playing this Saturday at the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, how excited to be opening up for the likes of Half Moon Run and Darcys?
We are so excited to be playing with these bands! I saw HMR play at The Grad Club (very small campus bar) in Kingston in 2013 and was totally blown away. Just the energy combine with intricate musical sections brought such a good vibe to the room. We played with the Darcys in 2014 and have been following them since. Really like their new sound!
2. For those not familiar with Kasador, how did the band get started?
I went to Queen’s in 2010 to start a band. Sure I told people I was there for school, but I’m sure even my parents knew what I was up to. I started hanging around the ‘Queen’s Music Club’ scouting musicians and posting ads on Facebook looking for bass players and drummers/calling bars asking if they needed an acoustic opener for shows. Eventually we had a good lineup of musicians with songs that people were proud of and we’ve been playing shows ever since.
3. Where is the band residing? I read Kingston and Ottawa.
The band is based out of Kingston, thats where our roots are and where we practice/write for the most part. Since we started in University we came from all over the province – I like to think we have 4 hometowns: Cam is from Ottawa, Julz is from Sudbury, I am from Toronto and Nick & Boris are from Kingston.
4. So far you released your debut EP and read that it was recorded at The Hip’s recording studio, how was that like?
The really cool part about The Bathouse is that you live there while you work, so its a very immersive process. You do things like wake up and have breakfast listening to what you worked on last night. I also love working there because so many artists we look up to have worked there – in fact HMR did their album ‘Sun Leads Me On’ at The Bathouse.
5. What is coming up later in 2017 and beyond?
After Dragon Boat we have a few more festivals and one or two club shows but for the most part we are working on new songs and hoping to have a few of them out before the end of the year. Really excited with what we have been working on – it has been way more of a collaboration across all band members then anything we have done in the past and I think that our styles are really meshing well to create a unique sound.

Holy Hum – White Buzz [Listen]


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Holy Hum, the Vancouver-based artist Andrew Lee, has premiered a new single called “White Buzz”

“White Buzz” was the first song Lee wrote for his debut album, shortly after the passing of his father. Lee had spent a month by his father’s side in the hospital blinded by the intense white light of fluorescents and the constant buzz of life support machines. The first two stanzas deal with loss: letting go and giving it away. The final two stanzas are about sacrifice. Lee’s father was an opera singer, and the ending of “White Buzz” is an improvised attempt by Lee to sing like his father.

“White Buzz” was recorded at Phil Elverum’s studio “The Unknown” in Anacortes, Washington, entirely live off the floor, save for a few overdubs and vocals. The longest track on Holy Hum’s debut record, Lee laid down the improvised frenetic guitar solo first and wrote the rest of the song based around it. A fan of Mount Eerie, Lee asked Anacortes resident, Allyson Foster, who provided vocals on Wind’s Poem, Clear Moon, and Ocean Roar, to provide backing vocals on the track. She obliged.

In regards to “White Buzz”, Lee stated, “Whenever I think back at that time, my mind generates that buzz and my eyes adjust to the light.” Details on Holy Hum’s debut record will arrive in the coming weeks.

No Filter’s Top 5 Songs of the Week [June 19 – 25]


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Here are this week’s Top 5 Songs of the week.
Don’t forget to tune in every Monday at 4pm on CHUO 89.1FM
This week at #1 for the third week is by Arcade Fire!!
Everything Now is taken from the upcoming album Everything Now which drops on July 28th!
No new debuts this week.
Note: () means last week and [] means total weeks.
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Mardou – The Enemy [Listen] + Interview!


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Today on No Filter, I interviewed Cincinnati, Ohio’s Mardou front-person and songwriter Dylan McCartney.
His band will release their album Cold Grasp this Friday on Moniker Records.
Also they will be stopping in Ottawa for Ottawa Explosion Weekend 2017 at Club Saw on Friday night.
The interview is around the 15 minute mark.

Have a listen to their leading single called The Enemy.

No Filter’s Top 5 Songs of the Week [June 12 – 18]


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Here are this week’s Top 5 Songs of the week.
Don’t forget to tune in every Monday at 4pm on CHUO 89.1FM
This week at #1 for the second week is by Arcade Fire!!
Everything Now is taken from the upcoming album Everything Now which drops on July 28th!
New debut this week by Alvvays and single #2 from Japanese Breakfast
Note: () means last week and [] means total weeks.
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Blimp Rock – Wet Hot Canadian Summer [Listen]


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Since it is summer right now and need something for a catchy tune?
Listen to Toronto’s Blimp Rock with Wet Hot Canadian Summer.
In Southern Ontario, summertime is fleeting. I’m writing this in June and it’s below ten degrees outside. On those first few warm days people outside look like their crush just told them they’re crushing on them back. While it may sound like we recorded Wet Hot in a cloud of pot smoke, we actually recorded it high on summertime vibes: dogs in canoes, fires on the beach and shooting drones out of the sky. Happy summer 2017 everybody!
Wet Hot Canadian Summer is taken from Soap Opera which is the first album released inside a bar of soap.

Telecomo – For Sale [Review]


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It’s been a year since Ottawa’s Telecomo came out in the scene with their EP “Promo EP”.
Here is a description of the band:
Telecomo is a new three-piece garage rock outfit from Canada.
The group is high energy and the music is earnest.
Each song comes in quick bursts and with a beguiling melodic depth.
Trading metaphors for direct action, Adam Saikaley (Vocals, Guitar) brings a message of sincerity. Backed by longtime friends and collaborators Pat Johnson (Drums) and Gary Franks (Bass), Telecomo is succinct and eager.

Those that weren’t aware, the album was recorded, mastered and mixed by Jonathan Schenke.
He has worked with such acts like Parquet Courts, The Drums, Liturgy, PC Worship, The Men, Dirty Beaches, Frankie Rose and Girl Talk.
Which can explain it has that New York City gritty garage rock vibe to it.
10 tracks (3 from Promo EP got re-recorded) of high energetic garage-grungey rock music with some raw intense lyrics.
Gets you into a rocking dancing mood during the summer time.
Best tracks:

  • Long Gone
  • I Met You
  • Boom
  • No Answer
  • Bike

I’d give For Sale:

Young Galaxy – Come and See (10th Anniversary Rework) [Listen]


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No word yet on new Young Galaxy materials besides March’s Stay For Real.
They recently dropped a reworking of Come and See from their 2007 self-titled album.
This reworking has more of an electro-synth pop vibe to it.
I actually like this version and need more Stephen vocals.
Have a listen.