I found my best of Canadian Indie albums of 2007
Ever since CBC Radio 3 was available online, I’ve appreciated to alot of Canadian music that has been played.

So here are my Top 10 album picks of 2007 and songs to recommend (They maybe “mainstream”)

1. Neon Bible – Arcade Fire

I know there are naysayers who were disappointed but I love and listened to it religiously. I know its hard to keep up to the success of Funeral but heck what can they do?
Favorite tracks: Ocean Of Noise and Intervention

2. The Reminder – Feist

I know she maybe on everyone’s #1 list but I put her to #2. I know its a big year for her because of her song 1234 being played on Apple. Its hard to pick her or Arcade Fire. So I went with who I liked the most and listened to the most.
She will be like the next Sarah McLachlan just as long she doesn’t neglect her fanbase.
Saw her for the first time this year at the Bronson Centre and I was amazed. Even amazed that she can get teenyboppers, 20s, 30s and even grannies (I sat beside a elderly lady) to her show.
Favorite tracks: So Sorry and Honey Honey.

3 In Our Bedroom After The War – Stars

I really like the album, it was kind of slow and mellow this time.
I decided to wait for the physical CD since it was available on iTunes since July.
Its one of those album you need to listen to actually love it.
Favorite tracks: Bitches In Tokyo, Take Me To The Riot and In Our Bedroom After the War

4. Animals and Architects – Maybe Smiths
People will be like “who”? I went to CBC’s FUSE and he was “FUSED” with Christine Fellows. So I bought his album and got it signed
When I listened to it, I like blown away with the electro fused pop music.
Its an interesting album.
Favorite tracks: Bloody Nose and Pound Of Sparks

5. Glory Hope Mountain – The Acorn

Since they are from Ottawa I should put it in and its a great (hopefully I can say conceptual) album
Been to their shows recently and they have been great.
Bought the album on vinyl and when I heard it, I was like blown away (maybe since it was on vinyl and sounded 10 times better).
The album has alot of emotions to it.
Favorite tracks: Flood pt 1 and Oh Napoleon

6. Ashtray Rock – Joel Plaskett Emergency

At first I thought he might sound twangy country rock folk.
But listening to the whole album its simply a rock driven album with some poppy sound.
Disappointed missing his shows in Ottawa.
Great conceptual album about the town he live??? (Am I right or wrong?)
Favorite tracks: Nothing More To Say and Snowed In/Crusin’

7. Calligraffiti – Grand Analog
I decided to add him last minute because went to a FUSE taping and he was simply amazing.
Its not like the mainstream rap & hip-hip where its all about guns and t & a.
Its a smart rap & hip-hop.
Favorite Tracks: Human Beans and Around This Town

8. Close To Paradise – Patrick Watson

Since he won this year’s Polaris Music Prize. I wanted to check out what all the hoopla was about.
Its like what the title of the album suggests. Light, mellow and dreamy.
Forgetting who he reminds me off
Favorite tracks: The Great Escape and Luscious Life

9. Spirit If… – Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew

I don’t know if this is a gimmick album just because its just Kevin Drew.
I like it since its very rocky and not all over the place with their list of how many singers they have 😛
Favorite tracks: Backed Out On The… and TBTF

10. Andorra – Caribou

I really like this album since its sooo groovy and dancey!
Great to dance to.
Also the winner of the Polaris prize in 2008
Favorite Track: Melody Days and Sandy

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