Here is a section for interviews

Bruce Peninsula

Bear Claps



Normal Love

New Teeth


Mark and Keith from Ruby Coast

The Wooden Sky

Old Crowns
Black Hat Brigade

The Balconies (From i(heart)music Festival)

The Love Machine (From i(heart)music Festival)

Oh No Forest Fires (From i(heart)music Festival)

Modern Boys Modern Girls (From i(heart)music Festival)

The Wilderness of Manitoba

Tissø Lake

Brooke Manning and Erin Lang

Young Galaxy

Little Girls

UPCOMING INTERVIEWS:(If time permits or get permission)
Still Life Still (Coming Soon)

1 thought on “Interviews”

  1. Fred Rogers said:

    You guys should check out these young guys i saw at 100 Mile Farm Music Festival in Wakefield their called Farewell Davidson. I did really expect it when I saw them at first ,because their young, and then they started playing, well the little guy they had on guitar sounded like Stevie Ray Vaughan at times They need a little work on moving around on stage, but I guess because, it’s new to them, and will come in time

    F. Rogers

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