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Single was released on September 15, 2020.
A band that was featured back in May.
Ontario band Sierra Pilot released their single called Keys To The City.
Nice upbeat energetic 90s-like rock track that would be played on commercial rock radio stations.

About the song:
From its very beginning it is impossible not to be engaged by this track that reminds of the best Royal Blood.
Sexy and groovy guitar lines rise and entangle with ‘biting’ drums and the expressive voice of Taylor Leith only to explode over and over again throughout the song. A short yet powerful guitar solo toward the end echoes that most flavored rock’n’roll vibe, with a chorus that has the ability to stick in the minds of the listener.

The drums mark a captivating rhythm hard to forget while the lyrics transpose in music that sense of freedom, that good, genuine, classic feeling that can pertain only to the real rock pieces.

And yet in no time, or to better say in a few minutes, Sierra Pilot conquer once again the ears and the hearts of their fans with a great brand new single. By handing over to them the keys to their city/music realm Sierra Pilot at the same time empower them and urge them to go and ‘rock’.

Keys to the City gets: