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This single came out on May 19, 2020.
Sierra Pilot is a band from Ontario, Canada. (Not sure where in Ontario since they don’t mention it on their official site and on Facebook)
They released their single called Bulletproof.
Typical indie rock track that would be played on commerical rock radio stations.

About the song:
From its very beginning profound guitar lines embrace and create the melody, while the song’s intense lyrics run fast hitting the hearts and the ears of the listeners.
Impossible not to be enchanted by this somehow classic rock piece that holds an inner crescendo both of passion and of notes … “’Bulletproof’ is a hard rock, energetic, love ballad,” says Taylor.
“It’s about finding someone who you would follow anywhere and loving them despite their bad habits. This one is very different than anything Sierra Pilot has ever put out.”

Bulletproof gets: