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At 16 years old, Montreal’s Ari Skye (whose real name is Ariana Ianniciello) dropped the single Look Into My Eyes on May 21, 2020.
She sort of reminds me of Nikki Yanofsky on how she started off young in the music business.
The song has that 90s nostalgia pop sound a-la Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.
The typical sugary pop ballad of what it is like to want to look into your eyes and fall in love.

About the song:
The song, written by singer/song writer and manager Charles Vaccaro, on the one hand, is anchored in those deep yet fresh teen feelings, on the other it also narrates of universal turmoil and hopes of the heart.
The sweet and intense voice of Ari traces, from the very beginning of this piece, a trail of emotions on top of a classic pop melody that soon turns out to be very catchy and irresistible.
While creatively mastering all the notes of the track, she also displays her expertise worthy of a proven professional. It is impossible indeed to deny the enjoyable lightness of this fresh single, made to warm the hearts with its straight simplicity… a perfect gift to lift the spirits in these times we are living in.
Look Into My Eyes gets: