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Previously posted awhile back.
Today is the release of Filipina-Canadian singer-songwriter based in Toronto named Jenn Nucum with her debut album called Revival.
9 tracks filled with raw emotional music about navigating life as a diasporic queer woman of colour, with deconstructing complex fabric of identity with dreamy and ambient alternative rock melodies, honest lyrics, and emotive vocals.
This is one of these album where POC can really look up to and feel empowered to make their own music.

About the album:
This album is a musical story that is centered on the theme of identity and finding a way to self-acceptance.
It is emotional – heartbreaking at times, as well as empowering. Jenn Nucum’s debut album delivers a diverse listening experience as each track draws inspiration from the sonic qualities found in Indie Alternative Rock, Post-rock, Folk, Soul, and Gospel music.
Her music is filled with powerful, beautiful melodies, delivered with a voice that demonstrates such longing. While each song demonstrates something unique about Jenn’s range as a singer/songwriter, these 9 tracks come together as a fleshed-out story that builds up to the title track at the very end. Revival alludes to improvement, betterment, or renewal.
For the album, this word encapsulates a personal journey of trying to better oneself, based on what is prescribed by society and/or religion (particularly Christianity).
It packages up her story of once being a person of faith until she couldn’t reconcile it with her queer identity.

Best tracks:
Better Optimist
Out for Blood
Revival gets: