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Algorhythm is a band from Montreal who earlier this year dropped the single Earth.
No word yet on an EP or full-length album.
Have a listen to Earth, which has that mix of jazz and experimental rock into one.

About the song:
The song tells a story of travelling through space and time. Much like the lyrical themes, listening to this track really feels like a musical journey, one with which every member of the group plays a key part in its development.
A mystical sounding arpeggio followed by some ominous bass lines begin our journey through this track, with everyone eventually joining in.
‘Earth’ is a very interactive song for the band. During the spoken verses, the musicians converse with Alexander Lioubimenko – improvising in accordance with the lyrics.
The vibe they create is very open with a lot of musical room resembling the vast void in space. Along with a nice layer of saxophone and some ripping guitar that intensifies the feel of this tune.

Earth gets: