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(Despite what we are dealing with at the moment. Do support them whatever you can!)
Taylor McCluskey is an actor and musician from Sacramento, California.
Dropped his fourth album called Star Gold which is 14 tracks of good rocking music.
Describes it as “the full monty”, with each track featuring adrenaline-infused/turbo-thrusted/magnetic-radar/ echoes of love.
Musically, it’s akin to a sonic film, from the beginning, middle and end of the album.
To describe its sound as a whole, it feels as if Stoner Rock, Pop and Country had a “love child from another planet” and the result was Star God. The album’s themes range from love and loss, Good and evil.
Tracks such as Heartache and The Pain and Medicate really stand out as they deal with themes of alcohol and drug abuse, but more importantly overcoming these issues that can plague oneself.

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