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Today, Jaunt shared the music video for the title track of their upcoming album of the same name coming out on April 16, 2020.
Directed by Pia Perez and Sylvain Chaussée and shot on 16mm film.
The music video features lead singer Tom Helliwell in solitude painting his self-portrait.
This is the second video in a series of six, depicting the members of Jaunt at home within a moment of time: caught, slowed down, under a microscope, on repeat, and in reverse.
With members of the band either in self-isolation from being exposed to Covid-19, recently laid off as a result of the virus, or stuck in Mexico, “All In One,” seems somewhat prophetic.

About the song:
“The song is an optimistic ballad about what it means to be present,” says the band.
“We hope it can spark a bit of joy and encouragement for those who listen in these strange times that we are collectively experiencing. In a way, the song feels mysteriously prescient for the moment. Hope everyone is staying safe, connecting with their loved ones, and keeping their head up.

All in One gets: