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Previously posted about Disq and can’t wait for the album.
The Madison, WI’s band dropped the music video for “Loneliness”.
Taken from their anticipated new album Collector which comes out on March 6, 2020 via Saddle Creek.
While not as loud and heavy from their first single Daily Routine.
Loneliness has mellow rock vibe to it!

About the song:
Of the song, Isaac deBroux-Slone says “‘Loneliness’ is about the feeling of helplessness you get after someone you love has moved far away.
At the time, my high-school girlfriend of a few years was moving from Madison to Los Angeles for college.
We’d decided to stay together, but with the distance I began to feel a kind of loneliness that I hadn’t known before.
The lyrics were written over several sad days sitting in my room, and combined with a guitar riff Raina came up with.”
Loneliness gets: