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Montreal Future Disco House musician Fonkynson released the track Mind Games which features Desiire out on Libson Lux Records

About the song:
Fonkynson spent last winter in Mexico, enjoying some time off and nourishing my inspiration.
He brought a little simple light setup to compose so he could work on some ideas everywhere.
One day, in front of Lake Bacalar, he dropped some ideas; the naturally magnificent landscape led him to use more organic sounds, a beat with a house-feel and bouncing basses.
He quickly thought, “wow, this needs some lyrics now!”
Recording the new single, “Mind Games (feat. Desiire)” was a unique experience as he was away.
He remembered a guy on SoundCloud who had contacted me just to say “Hello man, great music!”
He went to his profile and listened to a couple of tracks. He was a singer/songwriter from Toronto, and he really liked his style.
His name is Desiire.
A couple days later, after sending over the “Mind Games (Ft. Desiire)” instrumental, Desiire sent him an almost complete song.
After plugging in his headphones to have a listen, he found myself very impressed; he loved it right there on the spot. He then polished it in the studio back in Montreal and voilà!
Sunny afternoon by the pool sipping a drink, hearing the velvety voice of Desiire telling you it’s all in your mind.
You’ll feel pretty good.

Mind Games gets: