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Today the Toronto-based six-piece outfit Jaunt dropped their new single called Nostalgia For The Present Moment.
Taken from their forthcoming full-length debut album due out this Spring 2020.
This track sort of reminds me of the Canadian version Dirty Projectors but more

About the song:
“The title of the song, ‘Nostalgia For The Present Moment’, came well before any of the actual lyrics were written,” says singer/guitarist
Tom Helliwell.
“However, the idea of being aware and in the moment helped to guide the overall theme of the song.
It is about being open to change and how such an openness can foster new and better habits. The lyrics are a kind of post-mortem of past negative thought and behaviour patterns.
It is about looking back with a sense of gratitude and calm that one no longer thinks or feels that way.
It is a celebration of how we learn and change and forgive ourselves and others.”
Nostalgia For The Present Moment gets: