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Having premiered the track yesterday on CHUO 89.1 FM.
Barrie, Ontario’s The Noolands premiered the music video for Too Close.
Having released their song Grenadine in 2019 that was very folk-rock.
2020 looks like the band is taking some risk in changing up their style of music with Too Close.
More of a synth-rock vibe to give them more a broader appeal.
Check out the music video.

About the song:
Looking into the new year though, The Noolands want to start things off with a bang by switching gears completely. Their new, upbeat rock single ‘Too Close’ arrives on Jan 21 2020 with a music video. Anxious disco beats have you dancing in your seat with scrappy rock & roll vibes bringing a sharp new edge to The Noolands’ music. It’s safe to say the band is prepared for 2020 with new shows, festivals and appearances, plus their growing stockpile of new, road-tested tunes. Being a self sustaining, creative DIY band, they wear a lot of hats and the plan is always to forge into the future as a team. For The Noolands, that’s what it’s all about. Having fun with their family of friends and creating music that finds new people and connects everyone back together!

More than a song, ‘Too Close’ is an expression. Feeling boxed in, out of control and starved of choice is a potent emotion we’re all too familiar with. The moments that galvanize us can sometimes be the same moments that destroy us. It’s about that situational tipping point that we obsess over, but ultimately can’t control. You seem to get closer as you run away from your problems while you watch others on the same, repeating a loop. Like cars on the other side of an anxious highway. You can turn around and head the other direction before you’ve gone too far, but sitting still is never an option. Your mind will race as you find your place because you fear by the time you have it figured out, it will be too late. Their new song expresses this with it’s scrappy, disco-rock vibe and poignant lyrics. Everything is always what it seems, so don’t get too close…

Too Close gets: