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Ottawa has a burgeoning rap and hip-hop scene.
With acts like Night Lovell, City Fidelia, Black Iri$h and Hevve that are local613 favourites.
Somehow I haven’t heard of Spitten Image but seeing the music video for Iconic, there is a scene from his Babylon Nightclub performance.
It is good to represent an Ottawa hotspot venue.
2020 might be an interesting year for Clayton Barry Hawkins.
Check out the music video.

About the song:
Aligned with those haunting yet archetypal melodies of the 90s hip-hop scene, Spitten Image’s track ‘Iconic’, captures, from its very beginning, the listener, caging him/her inside its rhymes, leaving no space to escape.
Prickly lyrics on a raw base build this piece that transposes this emcee’s mastery of verses with its will to success, to rise above.
However, it would be simplistic to read Hawkins work only through these lenses: behind, there is part of his story, his life as a performer, his desire to give the best of himself, in spite of the difficulties, in spite of life itself.

Iconic gets: