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I Want You To Suffer is probably the second single while Heavy Metal is the first single from Cindy Lee‘s album called What’s Tonight To Eternity
That is dropping on February 14, 2020 (Valentine’s Day) via Superior Viaduct‘s imprint W.25TH
It is a beautiful and haunting mix of lo-fi experimental music reminiscent of old pop days from the 50s/60s.

About the album:
What’s Tonight To Eternity, is Cindy Lee’s fifth long-form offering and showcases the project’s most entrancing strengths — ethereal snowdrift pop, piercing experimental moments and sly nods toward oldies radio. Recorded primarily at Flegel’s Realistik Studios in Toronto, and featuring younger brother Andrew Flegel on drums on two tracks, the album travels hand in hand with a spectral guide.

Patrick found a massive inspiration for the record in the form of Karen Carpenter, drawing from her early recordings, as well as Carpenter’s look and style. “I found a deep interest and comfort in her story, which is a cautionary tale about the monstrosity of show business, stardom at a young age, and being a misfit looking for connection. The darkness and victimizing tabloid sensationalism she suffered, which is easily tempered and overwhelmed by her earnest output, her artistry, her tireless work ethic. Something utterly unique and magical takes shape in the negative space, out of exclusion. What I relate to in her mainly has a lot to do with her output and what is unknown about her, how much she kept hidden to herself while having this public profile.”

The album itself is a mix of conflict, hope, spirituality, identity, hidden truths, trust, self-destruction, middle class culture wars, control, artistry, work ethic, pop culture indoctrination, pain and suffering, hopes and dreams, fierce confrontations and wide-open confessional blurs. Closing with the song “Heavy Metal”, inspired by and dedicated to the memory of former Women band mate Chris Reimer, and appropriately adorned with an image of two unidentifiable figures in a tormented embrace, (cover illustration from Andrea Lukic’s comic “Journal Of Smack #5”) the contents continue the bold and rewarding pathway Cindy Lee has taken.

I Want You To Suffer and Heavy Metal gets: