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Holy Fuck dropped their long awaited fifth album called Deleter.
The project was introduced by incredible singles, Luxe (featuring Alexis Taylor), Free Gloss (featuring Nicholas Allbrook) and finally, the album title homage, Deleters.

Introducing their new album in their own words today, Holy Fuck write:
People have been saying this is our danciest record. That may be true to a point (we like dancing… who doesn’t?) but we hope it shows a new depth as well. We’ve never identified with one particular genre or sound but rather spend our time trying to explore our own world and the things that make us vibrate. Of course we want to connect with listeners, and what better way than to make people dance, but, as heard on ‘Deleter’, we also want to put listeners in the cool spaces we see and take them on the interesting journeys we like going on as well.”

The record as a whole came together in many different stages of creativity, which is typical of how we work. This process is forced upon us by the fact that we all live in different cities from one another. Yet at the same time this process also demonstrates our enthusiasm to create whenever, wherever, and however we can. There are obviously no rules to making music, no perfect situation or time to create. There are just ideas. ‘Deleter’ was written during various sound checks on tour, on stage, while jamming at a strange art-party in a forest, at home, in various rehearsal spaces, and at many different studios along the way. Not only did this process allow us the time to sit with and ponder our ideas it also allowed us to explore different kinds of inspiration we were feeling at that particular moment. One minute we might’ve been raving to minimal techno, the next, diving into horror movie soundtracks or maybe just manipulating the sound of static noise sampled from a broken piece of equipment.

Staying true to the creative arc we seem to be finding ourselves on since the first LP, ‘Deleter’ might be our most “written” album yet. A lot of attention and care was taken to create the ‘seeds’ of ideas and starting points that we then fleshed out, and just as much care was taken to craft those ideas into the songs heard on the final record. Hopefully listeners hear that as well.

Deleter gets: