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Today, Canadian dreampop artist Lev Snowe shares his sophomore EP Someday Soon.
Through lush, hazy production that emerged from the confines of limited technology, Lev’s voice swirls in and out of focus creating a surreal, dreamlike state for the listener. His lyrics are a foreign fantasy about needing to travel beyond his home in order to find traces of the next him as he juggles with memories that pull him backwards.

Lev Snowe on Someday Soon:
The whole EP is my study on how I evaluated time in the past and the new idea of living ‘for the moment’ that resulted. It was the summer of 2018, and as I had localized the mad freedom to live & experience, I in turn took a look through my past writing and inspired a creation to abolish all old insecurities. ‘Someday Soon’ is meant to cut to the chase — as if saying ‘forget where you’ve been, you are done with it. It is time to be boldly you — the very person that songwriting has helped you discover!
Someday Soon gets: