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In a mood for some catchy bouncy 90s alt-rock listening to get rid of the holidays by Buffalo, New York band called Marquee Grand?
They recently dropped a single a few weeks ago called Maybe.
About the song:
‘Maybe’ is the first single to introduce us to what the EP has in store for the next chapter of their career.
With melodic verses that open to a catchy explosive chorus, that perfect electric guitar sound that accompanies the melody, ‘Maybe’ presents itself as fresh and vintage at the same time.
Impossible not to have at least a glimpse of that 90s punk rock sound that inspires the group, but still simultaneously being able to clearly perceive the contemporaneity and immediacy of this piece with its 2020s reverberations.
The same energy carried by its sound echoes into the lyrics thus becoming a sort of anthem: a hymn to that quest which is everybody’s search for their own special path in life, a call impossible to resist.

Have a listen to Maybe.

Maybe gets: