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Today is the release of single number three from the Nanaimo, BC artist Odd Neighbourhood.
The Difference is The Odd Neighbourhood’s third single to be released this year.
With this piece, Travis Adams brilliantly brings a ray of warm light into the winter by restoring into our memories that suggestive atmosphere of the early ‘60s.
Once again his voice glides on the melody, almost “surfing” on it, while the guitar sounds as a slow-paced version of Dick Dale’s rhythms.
A little bit of that dear California Sound mixed with a good classic rock’n roll, specifically in those syncopated beats that wisely punctuate the song, forge the identity of Adam’s new single. With an eye toward an important piece of rock’s history, it promises to make the fans breathing salty sea air, feeling the sun on their skin, dancing as there’s no difference between day and night.

To me, it is a nod to the retro British alterna-rock vibe from The Cure to Belle and Sebastian.
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[sptify https://open.spotify.com/track/0wlHBfGlepRvxfluShcLak?si=dMwlDYJDQgGfdo0wkvAgzw%5D

The Difference gets: