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Toronto band Pablo Paddy released the music video for Need to Know.
The band consist of Patrick Beedling, Joseph Stracuzzi, Calum Beedling and Jonny Smith.
About the video:
The music video deals with the repercussions of one small error: running a red light while on a bike and getting caught.
In the slapstick video which they filmed, that minor infraction escalates to an absurd degree.
They shot the video in Toronto’s east end and impersonated police officers for the shoot – luckily they had no run-ins with the real police.

The song is meant to inspire people to create meaning in their lives as they age, while capturing the sense of chaos and confusion that goes along with carving out an identity and figuring out who you want to be in life.

Nice indie rock tune.
Gotta love the Much Music Video Dance Party t-shirt!
Need to Know gets: