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Feeling in a Friday rock mood?
Today the Toronto’s The Sarandons released their music video for Worse or For Better.
The band consists of Damian Coleman (vocals, bass), Edmund Cummings (vocals, keys), Craig Keeney (lead guitar), Phil Skot (drums) and Dave Suchon (vocals, guitar).
Worst or for Better is taken from their upcoming self-titled EP, which comes out on November 30th.
About the song:
A scratchy and simultaneously smooth guitar opens and leads the melody of this piece that carries that certain old times’ echo, when the music was simply meant to become a sort of life soundtrack to be heard on vinyl records and old stereos.
The catchy chorus channels the deep yet almost relieving reflection toward a sense of resignation conducted throughout the whole track and expressed both through the lyrics guitar riffs.
Comes very easy to imagine yourself figuratively and metaphorically “on the road”, whether the pathway is truly asphalted or just an inner one.
Check out the music video.

Worse or for Better get: