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Has it been 10 years already, Dan Mangan??

In 2009, Dan Mangan released Nice, Nice, Very Nice, an album that established him as one of this generation’s most thoughtful songwriters and lyricists. Hear Ya called it the “most pleasant surprise of 2009”, while Exclaim! predicted the future saying the album “knocks you flat on your ass…Mangan’s career is clearly on the rise. Hop on board and enjoy the ride.”

Now, ten years later, Mangan is celebrating that pivotal album by releasing a deluxe edition double LP that includes a second album of previously unreleased material, b-sides, demos, and alternate versions from the original sessions. The album is available to pre-order today and is officially out on November 15 via Arts & Crafts.
For a preview of what’s on the second disc, Mangan is sharing “A Tragic Turn Of Events”, a 2008 demo of a deep cut that only some fans might be familiar with.

Side A
1. Road Regrets
2. Robots
3. The Indie Queens are Waiting
4. Sold
5. Fair Verona

Side B
6. You Silly Git
7. Tina’s Glorious Comeback
8. Et Les Mots Croisés
9. Some People
10. Pine For Cedars
11. Basket
12. Set the Sails

Side C
13. The Indie Queens Are Waiting (Ellis Demo
14. Set the Sails (Ellis Demo ft. Leslie Alexander)
15. Robots (Ellis Demo)
16. Et Les Mots Croisés (2008 Demo)
17. Tina’s Glorious Comeback (2008 Demo)

Side D
18. One of Many (Ellis Demo)
19. ‘Til I Fall (Roboteering EP)
20. Tragic Turn of Events (2008 Demo)
21. Kerouac Spelled Wrong (2008 Demo)
22. Garçon Means Boy (2008 Demo)
23. Something To Do (2008 Demo)

A Tragic Turn of Events get: