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Montreal’s quirky act Legal Vertigo is closing in on the release date for his debut LP Tragic Future Film Star, which is due out November 15th on Dine Alone.
Today drops single #3 from the record called Napster Vertigo.
Have a listen to this epic 6 minute song!

These tracks were his first releases under the name, though he was already well known in the Montreal scene for his work as a producer on Operators’ well-received 2019 album Radiant Dawn, and has toured with artists like Alvvays, Wolf Parade, U.S. Girls, Basia Bulat (who also plays in his live band), Bob Odenkirk and Operators, with whom he recently completed a Canadian tour.
The song title was formerly the name of the band, and the name under which he produced the Operators album, but Legal Vertigo was forced to change it following a pre-release consultation with copyright experts.
Known for a whimsical, absurdist approach to self promotion (this has included selling fake live recordings of his opening sets at shows in support of Alvvays for which he pre-recorded the set in his Montreal studio complete with scripted banter and fake crowd noise, and more recently the circulation of the detailed tongue in cheek resume linked above), Legal Vertigo has taken the name change in stride.
On the advice of a friend I spoke to several copyright lawyers about calling this band ‘Napster Vertigo'” he says. “They were unanimous that it was something that would be hard to deal with if the intellectual property holders took offense, though possibly a winnable case if you had the right resources. One of them thought he could do it and asked me, ‘are you old money?’ To which I responded, ‘brother, I’m not even new money.’

Napster Vertigo gets: