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Alice Merton has released her MINT +4 Deluxe LP via Mom+Pop Music.
This is after the release of her highly acclaimed debut LP, MINT. Since its release, Alice has continued her “No Roots” sentiments.
As the full-blooded musician and workaholic she is, Alice recorded four new songs for the release, “PCH”, “Back to Berlin”, “Keeps Me Awake,” and lead single “Easy.” Adding even more nuances and energy to the debut, MINT +4 is reflective of Alice Merton’s life since her breakout.
“Easy” sees Alice balancing all her new-found fame with her normal life.

Constantly moving towards new heights, new countries and new sounds these four new tracks adorn the story behind the already monumental debut.
Nice light and fluffy re-release of Mint with the 4 new tracks to tide over for whenever she will follow-up on the next album.

Mint +4 gets: