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The Odd Neighbourhood is an artist from Nanaimo, BC.
The brain child of songwriter and musician Travis Adams, The Odd Neighbourhood got it’s name from Adams strolling through his hometown late at night to notice how strange of a place it really is, particularly seeing someone washing their 1967 Jaguar at 1:30 AM.
Since 2016, Adams has been bringing his musical vision to life through the sounds of The Odd Neighbourhood, and so far fans are loving what they hear.
The song Cherry Wine, features a calming nostalgia heard from such acts as Adams’ aforementioned influences from the 60s and 70s, but also has an energetic pulse that drives throughout the entire track.
Being that this is a good old fashioned pop/love song, Cherry Wine sounds just as delicious as it tastes.
Great tune to listen to with summer 2019 is going to end.

Cherry Wine gets: