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Get ready for summer of 2019!
A year in the making for Ottawa’s Bonnie Doon who dropped the music video for Panty Twister.
Shot last summer on a friend’s parent’s boat.
Panty Twister is taken from the 2017 album Dooner Nooner.

About the video:
We wanted to make a music video that showcased the opulence of being on a boat like in 90s rap videos and well… anything to do with sailing culture. Although as a punk band we are more like the underwater monstars, it was a really fun video to film, except when I got sea sick and was still eating shrimp in a shark suit with no railing to hold onto. The song is about getting your bathing suit all twisted from riding waterslides and this is our interpretation – see in it what you like! Some people say it is all a metaphor for cunnilingus. – Director/Editor & Bassist Les666