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Don’t know how long we have to wait for new material from Caribou.
But Dan Snaith’s other project Daphni just released a new track based around Bermudian band Paradise’s 1981 track ‘Sizzlin Hot’.
From their album of the same name, released by themselves and largely forgotten until it was reissued by Frederiksberg Records in 2017, Daphni updates this lost gem for today’s dancefloor.
Made originally to be played in his DJ sets but now released (with the full approval of the original band) Dan quickly realised that he was on to something special: “From the very first time I played it on New Years Eve 2018, it lights up the room every time I play it. The hook is so immediate – people respond to it like it’s a song they already know and love.”

‘Sizzling’ will appear alongside 3 other tracks made to play in Dan’s recent DJ sets on an EP to be released soon.

Sizzling gets: