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Where has Laurent Bourque been?
Have no fear! Today he dropped the music video for Matador.
Taken from his forthcoming sophomore album called Blue Hour which drops around the fall time.
The toronto rooted, ottawa born artist teamed up with east coast producer Dan Ledwell, along with co-writers Dennis Ellsworth and Bobby Morales to pen a chic piano-driven pop song about blind love.

About the song:
Matador is a love song about a tortuous lover. about a hemingwayesque true love that is nothing but excitement, hype, passion and deceit.
The matador swirls around in his stoic, flashy garb leading his follower around in circles, who blindly sweeps in a zig zag pattern, not aware of where he is going or why he is going there.
Even if you’re aware of this happening, nothing can stop you from seeing it until its inevitable end.
Love is, and sometimes makes you, blind.

Matador gets: