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Iron Age Mystics is a Toronto hard rock band.
Just dropped their debut album “Pride Before the Fall” on May 19, 2019.
With what is going on in the world political wise and in the USA, this album is considered cutting edge political music.
Pride Before the Fall is loud, brash and in your face that gets us political crazy.
It touches subjects rarely put to music, again in the aim to inspire critical thinking and a call action.
While the themes can be dark and it’s a middle ground between acknowledging the change makers and exposing the claimed wrong doers. Melodies are deep and diverse, riffs are thrusting, while vocals and lyrics are a journey – ‘Pride Before The Fall’ is reclaiming meaning and purpose in Rock ‘n’ Roll.
While it is not my cup of tea listening to this album but it might be for those who is into loud rock and wants to flip the bird at politics and current events.

Best tracks:

  • Pride Before the Fall
  • The Great Divide
  • Information Outlaw
  • Big, Bad Motherfucker
  • You’ve Got The Power
  • What Ya’ Gonna Do About It?

Pride Before the Fall gets: