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Montreal’s Hua Li化力 dropped the music video for her new single “Social Meds”.
The single is taken from the long awaited debut album Dynasty, which is dropping September 20th on Next Door Records.

Speaking on the video Hua Li says, “I wanted to reflect the gritty Montreal DIY scene I came up through. “Social Meds” begins in storied Montreal venue, Bar le Ritz PDB, a place where I have seen countless musicians and played many shows – a vibrant and exciting space at nighttime with a truly down-in-the-dumps dive bar atmosphere during the daytime. We shot the second verse in the Chabanel district well after midnight and I gave a no holds barred performance fuelled by sleep and serotonin deprivation. The choruses reflect Tyler Reekie’s video art style – lo-fi and glitchy. We wanted to make the setting very fantastical to emphasize the escapist nature of the party scene.

Director Tyler Reekie adds, “Our intention was to make a video that felt very surreal by incorporating a lot of visual and editing effects into handheld shooting. It ended up creating a really fun and playful video that, I think, represents the critical and obscure energy of the song really well.

On “Social Meds,” menacing bass lines combine with ethereal synths over which Hua Li delivers densely referential, hard-hitting raps and melancholic melodies. The track is both celebration and repentance of the self-medication that so often comes hand in hand with survival for marginalized folks. “Social Meds” expresses gratitude for the wonderful refuge that party spaces provide for people in the queer community while acknowledging the scene’s dark underbelly.