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I feel like I am having my fair share of loud heavy metal music in May.
Looks like this has played in Ottawa and had a good reception.
Anyways, Boston, Massachusetts band Intoxicated Rage recently dropped their sing Battlefield a few weeks.
The single is taken from their upcoming album Apocalypse which should come out later this year.
Battlefield is 5 minutes of intense loud heavy metal rageness.
While it is not my cup of tea, maybe for those into heavy metal will enjoy this song.

About the song:
Battlefield is the second single which followed the release of their first single ‘Political Warfare’ back in February.
This track shows a different side to the band’s fast-paced, ruthless sound. ‘
Battlefield is slower in tempo, but much heavier and full of groove that will have the heads of listeners rolling. Featuring a solid mix of powerful vocal melodies, gutteral growls and hard-hitting riffs, Intoxicated Rage takes you to the frontlines of the Battlefield with this refreshing take on what Heavy Metal truly sounds like.

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