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I wonder if Angel was intended as a joke?
But it looks like they are back to the basic for good ol’ rock music!
Ottawa-based rock and rollers New Swears have debuted a ‘double-hitter’ from their upcoming album Night Mirror out June 13, 2019 on Dine Alone Records.
The new double single featuring a-side “Bon Voyage”, and b-side “Rolling Stone” and also ends with Angel (Shocker!)
About the upcoming album:
“The whole album itself is about growing and moving on to new chapters,” asserts the band. “We like to keep things fresh and try new things…not walk over our same old footsteps. Sometimes when you’re making records you can feel pressure to sound or be a certain way. We like to remind ourselves, there are no rules.”
Self-produced, New Swears’ fourth full-length LP, Night Mirror, could be considered a bit of a departure from their critically acclaimed 2017 Dine Alone release And the Magic of Horses but that shouldn’t surprise anyone who follows them. One thing that has been consistent since the band’s debut is their unpredictability. While holding true to their DIY ethic and punk roots, they continue to diversify their sound as they seamlessly venture into campfire-style country ‘feels’, showcasing killer vocal harmonies, and introducing pedal steel and harmonica to the mix. The upcoming album features some of the band’s most finely crafted songs, exploring topics of inner-reflection and ushering in a 5th band member on keys/piano.

Have a listen to both songs!