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I was listening to KEXP on a Sunday morning.
They have this great show called Pacific Notions which showcases modern classical and ambient music.
The DJ played this wonderful tune by Vancouver’s Nathan Shubert.
The title track When You Take Off Your Shoes just grasped me.
Very melodic that mixes field records and classical music.
It is like walking in the woods on a nice sunny morning.
Think of Nathan Shubert as the West Coast version of Jean-Michel Blais.
When You Take Off Your Shoes is a very soothing and moody album that mixes field recordings and classical music to make wonderful ambient soundscapes.
The album is out on Bigo & Twigetti.
Best tracks:

  • A Beacon, a Pulse
  • When You Take Off Your Shoes
  • Pencils
  • A Thought, Persisted
  • A Breath

I’d give When You Take Off Your Shoes: