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There is a certain warmness when looking at the album cover of Emilie Kahn‘s Outro.
The Montreal artist released the long awaited second album after a three year hiatus.
Emilie didn’t ditched Ogden (her harp) but still played a big role on Outro.
The album was produced in collaboration with Warren C. Spicer of Plants and Animals, shows a craftswoman come into her own.
‘Outro’ is a pained look back at the past as Kahn pores over every misplaced feeling and bad call.
Teeming with adulthood’s melancholy, Kahn offers indie pop crafted with a miniaturist hand toward intimacy, while still reaching for the grandiosity of the genre’s icons.
One of my favorite albums to come out so far in 2019.
Overall there is a wonderful and beautiful soundscapes mixing synths and instruments like the harp.
Something about the beginning track Swimmer which is elegant and tragic at the same time.
Other great tracks that shows how she is taking chances are Three, Will You? (Who will take of you when you get older) and Never Good Enough (where she drops the s-bomb).
Best tracks:

  • Swimmer
  • Island
  • Three
  • Will You?
  • Aquarium

I’d give Outro: