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Previously posted in 2018 on this band.
Today the Asian fronted band from Vancouver called Eye Bender released their song called Angel of Darkness.
About the song:
“Angel of Darkness” is Eye Bender’s second single to be released: A classic rocker that leads us into suggestive 70’s atmospheres, a common reference of the band. Where chorus and voice perfectly work together to amplify the overall melody that becomes a sort of devilish chant/litany.
The song narrates of a cursed angel forced to walk the earth in a perpetual search of lost souls to steal, following a lyrics’ tradition very close to that of Black Sabbath.
Through a time-honored rock intro, ‘Angel of Darkness’ gradually drifts toward the end into a powerful solo guitar that helps once again to remind us those inspiring classic rock’s moods but in a contemporary key.

Have a listen.

RIYL: Rush, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Heart, Led Zeppelin , Yamantaka//Sonic Titan and Teku Teku.
I’d give Angel of Darkness: