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It’s been a long time coming for Tallies.
Formerly known as Thrifty Kids, Ottawa ex-pats now living in Toronto.
Their debut self-titled eponymous album which came out on January 11, 2019 is filled with 80s influenced dream pop music.
While the sound is very high warm soaring on the guitar and drums.
Lyrically on the parts of the album, it is about the fear of growing up and moving from being a teenager to an adult.
This album has a throwback sound to 80s The Smiths, Cocteau Twins and New Order.
While they might be clumped into be a Alvvays clone, it is a impressive debut album.

Best tracks:

  • Trouble
  • Mother
  • Not So Proud
  • Beat the Heart
  • Easy Enough

I’d give the album:
The album is available on Hand Drawn Dracula for Canada and Kanine Records for USA/International.