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Today, Vancouver rock trio band Boy Breaking Glass dropped their single called Masquerade from the album Exceed.
Named after the poem by Gwendolyn Brooks, the band introduces a sound that is both dark and intense.
Like the kid who feels oppressed, without hope or opportunity, we all feel the need to leave our mark on the world; “If not a note, a hole, If not an overture, a desecration”.
Boy Breaking Glass is inspired by this vision of transcendence through expression; In their own sonic way, creating “A hymn, a snare, and an exceeding sun”.

Written by the band’s frontman Joe towards the end of a long-term relationship, “Masquerade” paints the picture of two very different people who can no longer change themselves in an effort to make things right, living with the understanding that there is nothing they can do to prevent the inevitable.

Have a listen to the song.

I’d give the track: