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Hailing from Toronto.
Stacy Samuel struggled with mental illness for a long time before she seriously attempted music. However, she always knew writing and singing was destined outlets to express her journey through hypersensitivity and cope with the outcomes of showing vulnerability in a stone cold era. Her artist name, sam. is testifying of the work she’s put through herself for her craft, and here today she is the most confident and affirmed version of herself.
Wreck My Soul is a self-produced downcast R&B lingering through dark and light, with a sensual appeal and hypnotic vocals.
“’Wreck My Soul’ looks grim and painful. It was a time period like no other with little light in my life. Yet through creative expression, I found my own light to shine bright enough to get me out of the hole I was in.” About derealization and depersonalization, ‘Wreck My Soul’ is about a struggle sam. still deals with on the daily. Writing about it gave her a sense of calmness, an outlet to sing about her life feeling so wrong. “Like someone might listen and understand that this is just a symptom of a condition that people experience and I’m not crazy or alone.” When she sings about “the ones that claim to love you also just prolong the pain”, sam. reminisces through a dark phase where she wanted to end it, while everyone around that loved her wanted to keep her alive: “It pissed me off because I felt they could not understand, but made me appreciate them more at the same time, later on.”
Watch the music video to this haunting track.

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