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Mammoth Indigo is the brainchild of lead singer/guitarist Cody Bowers, was formed in 2013 in Harrisonburg, VA with friends Dan McDonough (guitar/keys/vocals) and Eric Singer (percussion). The band played their first show in their hometown in June 2013 and soon realized that they needed to continue pursuing the creative connection they all had together.
Undertow is taken from their sophomore album Wilt

“Undertow” has some of my favorite lyrics from the record -“I will burn a hole in your head with your own cigarette” sounds like a growl line from a metal song, but in Undertow it’s a falsetto. To me, the song sounds like a macabre, ring-leader from a circus is singing the verses. It’s playful and solemn at once. Playing it live we get pretty psychedelic. It’s a fun track and also one of the only songs on “Wilt” to feature an acoustic guitar – which is ironic, considering it probably has the most production. Cody Bowers

I’d give Undertow: