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Focused is a Toronto politically & socially engaged rapper.
Blending in a mix of Rap, Hip-hop and low-fi.
Grind Sublime is taken off from the album The Bad Meat LP which was released in 2017.
Details about the artist and song
Focused, testifying of the artist’s personal work drive, has been advocating up for change and deeper engagement in the rap scene since 1999. A smooth, but surprising and motivating sound that questions issues of relevance in today’s political and social climate, Focused’s unique approach to 90s rap and low fi has always stayed current and in constant evolution through each new project. “The rapper, in a way, is like the street reporter”. Songwriter, vocalist and producer, the goal has always been to stay focused on the music, and how its vibrations can take you out of the five-sense world we live in.
Check out his music video.

‘Grind Sublime’, is a culmination of Focused’s 20 years of ‘grinding’ in one song. In 2012, he engaged in a big European tour, and tore up Paris, London, Milan, Munich, Rome, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Nice, and Amsterdam, and the single is testifying of all meaningful connections, hardships and successes of this time. ‘Grind Sublime’ is about walking to record stores, clothing stores, coffee shops and laying down all sorts of Focused merchandise – the grind of an independent artist getting his words out there. About following your heart and exploring new places, taking chances and going with the flow, the track is deeply personal.
I’d give Grind Sublime: