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Things are getting hot outside with some added sweetness!
Toronto musician Mauve released her single Sweetness on May 11, 2018.
Here is the details about the song:
‘Sweetness’, combines different genres to create a unique sound, from ethnic percussions to modern EDM beats. Also, with its different energy levels, ‘Sweetness’ takes the listener on a journey. “I can never be simple or static with a song that I am making”. Coming up with a strong musical theatre influence, Mauve is always striving to create music that is dramatic and from the heart, in whatever form or emotion it may be conveying. This time, ‘Sweetness’ follows the theme of the “chase”, when you’re playing the game of love in our fast-paced world.
One of those pop songs that will be in played on Top 40 radio.
Great tune to listen to in a park or beach during the summer time.

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Sweetness gets: