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At first, I thought it was a joke when I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed.
But no it is for real since I saw they actually released tracks on Bandcamp.
Wokewave is an Ottawa duo (I think one actually moved to Vancouver) consist of Matt Beaudry and Mike Scholz.
Reform Absolutely Everything, Tomorrow is their first effort and it is seven tracks of instrumental experimental electronic music.
There are upbeat tracks in Practolerable Regime/Rojo Oscura and chill/ambient in Instructions Unclear.
It is a mix between Ottawa’s Hard Science with Justice and LCD Soundsystem.
While I find the song titles a head-scratcher or butcher saying them.
Great album to play during a house party for those wanting to dance or as background music.

Best tracks:

  • Practolerale Regime
  • Prenicium
  • Instructions Unclear (LIVE)

I’d give Reform Absolutely Everything, Tomorrow: