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Back in May 8, 2018, I played a band called B Boys.
Brendon Avalos of the band is going on his own with Gift Wrap.
While B Boys‘ music is very punk rock.
Gift Wrap is the opposite which is more on the lo-fi new-wave pop style of music.
Have a look at the music video for Losing Count.

Losing Count drops on March 2, 2018 via Captured Tracks / Omnian Music Group

The first track also titled “Losing Count” is accompanied by a grainy, lo-fi camcorder styled video. It candidly follows Brendon as he travels through New York on the subway, seamlessly hopping from line to the next. He’s always on the move and it’s easy to lose sense of where he’s going and his purpose but maybe that’s the point. Avalos says, “The video was made using a VHS effect app on my iPhone. It creates a voyeuristic quality that I thought was fitting to the vibe. The video was just a basic premise of being in the subway down in NYC and how that constant daily thing is in itself pretty stressful.”