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Today couldn’t be a great day weather wise with the rain in Ottawa.

Ottawa’s Jumpin’ Joel Flash & The Magic Machine dropped the music video for The Rain.
Hey! Is that filmed at Live on Elgin!?
The song is free to download by going to their site.

Details about the song:
The Rain is a song we can all get behind.
Acoustic riffs and beautiful harmonies drive a simple tale of lost love, and the dumb things humans do in times of heartbreak.

By wild contrast, our music video is pure, unadulterated chaos. What begins as an homage to famous “one take” vids by bands like OKGO quickly devolves into a ridiculous sequined catastrophe. Luckily, this pretty well reflects our live performances, so the branding is on point.

Don’t forget the band will be performing at Live on Elgin on February 15th.