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The dust has settled and taken a long time to process this.
When bands and artist go through an evolution, it can be either a good or bad thing.
Case in point with Arcade Fire on their fifth album Everything Now.
It’s a mix of disco-y dance alterna-pop music.
Is it a masterpiece from their first three albums?
Let’s not get too carried away.
While there were high expectations but to myself, it seemed more of a low expectation.
Not sure what they were trying to pull on Everything Now.
Wanting to make a so bad that it is a good record.
The only outstanding track is the lead title track which everyone hailed as a cross between ABBA and LCD Soundsystem.
Production wise is nice but vocal wise left my head scratching, is Win trying to distort his sound?
It is not one of those albums you would listen to but probably live it would sound better.
Fun album – yes!
Overall message on the album – Huh?
This made me want to go back and just listen to Funeral and Neon Bible.
Give it more time and maybe I will enjoy more!

Best tracks:

  • Everything Now
  • Signs of Life
  • Peter Pan
  • Electric Blue
  • Everything Now (Continued)

I’d give Everything Now: