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Freedom Baby is a boyfriend-girlfriend duo from Toronto. They met at a local show that both were performing back in 2013. They fell in love with each other’s record collections and then with each other.
In 2016 they decided to try making records together.

It was after a while of experimenting with electronic sounds and orchestral elements we came up with “Video Daydream”. They arranged the song with a Snakes & Ladder game board as their blueprint.
Each melody and instrument snakes and climbs from one place to another and each time you play something new is going to reveal itself.

They recorded “Video Daydream” in the spring of 2017 in Eric’s apartment along with a handful of other songs (which will be released early fall on our debut EP).

The combination of Brianna’s voice paired with Eric’s arrangements creates a dreamy and melancholic experience. We’d love if you could share our musical fusion.