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Surprise! Said the Whale drops a new single called Nothing Makes Me Happy!
A more upbeat song that isn’t on their current album As Long as Your Eyes Are Wide.

The band’s thoughts on the new song:

We wrote “Nothing Makes Me Happy” with our friend Ali Milner, who performs under the name WILLA. We were thinking about friends of ours who complain about their lives even though from an outsider’s perspective they’ve got everything. It’s a very common complaint to have right now, and it’s something that is perpetuated by social media – seeing your peers share only the best moments of their lives makes everything you do feel weak by comparison. And I’m guilty of it, too! We can be so focused on the goals we’re trying to achieve that we forget to take a step back and appreciate what we have. Now that I think about it, this song is a little bit like a re-hash of ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ but targeted at insecure, privileged millennials. *shrug emoji*

Don’t forget to see them at Hopped & Confused 2017 in Ottawa.