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Ottawa musician and visual artist Hard Science has finally dropped the long awaited full-length album called Dreaming in Stereo.
The album was 9 years in the making and all the all blood, sweat and tears has come out.
Lots of great vocal collaborations from Theaterina and Olexandra from The Peptides.
It is a mix of DIY experimental Electro-Dance and 80s New Wave pop music.
Sometimes I felt like listening to background music to some video game.
Nice album to get on vinyl which you can get on analogkitchun records
Best tracks:

  • Dreaming in Stereo
  • Summer’s Over, Autumn Begins
  • Worthy Companion
  • J.P.4.A.R.P.
  • When Things Just Don’t Go Your Way

I’d give Dreaming in Stereo: